Oct 11 — Me and my boys[1]Edit

10-11-12 Instagram 001

Oct 17 — ARTPOP app meeting in an hour. Leave your ideas below so Haus can take notes.[2]Edit

10-17-12 Instagram 001

Oct 21 — I love gypsy life[3]Edit

10-21-12 Instagram 001

Oct 24 — We can't wait to see u Mexico city , ladies is comin[4]Edit

10-24-12 Instagram 001

Oct 28 — Can't wait for PR. Mexico City you effed me up so hard, that's why I love you. You always make me do my best[5]Edit

10-28-12 Instagram 001

Oct 31 — Revealing my Halloween costume slowly! (zoom in on the crown) hahahaha[6]Edit

10-31-12 Instagram 001


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