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10-9-13 Instagram 001 Dec 1 — Personal record for wig changes in one day. Usually means my soul is restless. Life's too short to wear one hat.[1]

12-1-13 Instagram 001

10-9-13 Instagram 001 Dec 2 — TOKYO[2]

10-9-13 Instagram 001 Dec 3 — Hand made mirror from Japanese monster. So cute[3]

12-3-13 Instagram 001

10-9-13 Instagram 001 Dec 3 — 14 hrs from Tokyo to London. Except its so xmassy here I don't care that I'm tired. Gonna smell pine and sing Gypsy in my room.[4]

12-3-13 Instagram 002

10-9-13 Instagram 001 Dec 3 — Time for tea! This hotel is so lovely, home away from home.[5]

12-3-13 Instagram 004

10-9-13 Instagram 001 Dec 3 — Rudolf the red nose cookie! Tea and naptime. #iLoveLondon[6]

12-3-13 Instagram 003

10-9-13 Instagram 001 Dec 5 — #ARTPOP I'm the artist of my own life . In this 'piece ' I take you with me when I leave. #monster4life[7]

10-9-13 Instagram 001 Dec 9 — Custom Versace Suit. New made out of Vintage Gianni print remade robin egg ocean blue by Donatella herself. Accessories Custom Versace. Hair @faspiras[8]

12-9-13 Instagram 001


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