Introducing Lady Gaga is the name of the first week of Transmission Gagavision released on June 24 of 2008.


MUSIC: The Fame (instrumental), Just Dance

Text: Lady Gaga, Space Cowboy - DJ/Producer
GAGA: I’m living in L.A. now, but I’m from New York City and I moved to work. Where’s the stick? In the camera? Hello. And Dina is from DC, and now we’re travelling the world. We’re actually only in San Francisco for one more night. And then, we go to Vegas tomorrow to play Tigerheat, which is this big, giant party. I’m so excited.
Text: Dina - Dancer
DINA: I thought it was Tiger Beat, the magazine.
GAGA: I know, I was really excited. Remember those magazine with like, Jonathan,
DINA: Yes.
GAGA: Taylor Thomas on the cover.
DINA: Oh my. Why were you in my head right now?
GAGA: I’m listening, I know.
DINA: I used to think...
GAGA: Tell me.
DINA: he was like, so cute.
DRIVER(offscreen): O.K. guys.

MUSIC: Poker Face (instrumental)

GAGA: Page 91, with Michelle William. And it says “What were thinking? Meet Beyoncé’s replacement.”

DINA: Stop.
GAGA: What the…? You guys, you’re not from New York.

GAGA: Look what I did.
SPACE COWBOY: Let me see. Let me see.
GAGA: We should show ??? too.
SPACE COWBOY: Oh my God. No way that crazy.
GAGA: Lady Gaga, inTouch Weekly, with Michelle William.

Bottom messagesEdit

  • l@|>y g@g@ -- Transmission Gagavision -- l@|>y g@g@ (Repeated 8 times)
  • Lady Gaga “The Fame” album out September 2008 (Repeated 4 times)


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