Date August 20, 2013
Location United States Us
Camera Credo 60 by Leaf

8-20-13 Jeff Koons 002

Koons explained to MTV how he was asked to join the ARTPOP project: "I guess in late spring of this year we received a telephone call, my studio, from Brandon [Maxwell], a very close friend of Gaga's, her stylist that she works with. And [he] said that there was interest that I would work on the album." For ARTPOP, Jeff Koons designed the cover and the booklet along with a statue of Lady Gaga. Before the creation of the statue, Koons took photograph of Gaga in a studio with a "Gazing Ball" in different poses for the sculpture. Pictures of that day were included for the cover and the booklet for ARTPOP.

Album and Single artworks

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