John Galliano

John Charles Galliano (born 28 November 1960) is a British fashion designer who was head designer of French haute couture houses Givenchy (July 1995 to October 1996) and Christian Dior (October 1996 to March 2011). He does his own fashion line under his name "John Galliano" since 1985.


Fall 1998 CollectionEdit

Fall 2000 RTW CollectionEdit

Fall 2001 RTW CollectionEdit

Fall 2003 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring 2004 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2007 RTW CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2009 RTW CollectionEdit

  1. Lady Gaga wore these shoes for V magazine by Mario Testino on June 22, 2009.

Spring/Summer 2009 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2010 RTW CollectionEdit

Pre-Fall 2012 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2014 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2018 RTW CollectionEdit

Unknown CollectionEdit


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