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iTunes Celebrity Playlist are playlist created by famous artists for iTunes.

Lady GaGa's iTunes Celebrity Playlist (Jan 26, 2009)Edit

  • Take Your Mama (Scissor Sisters): Reminds me of partying in Brooklyn and LES in sequin pantis with Andre Champagne. Amazing song. Very Elton John, and full of joy that we all need in music.
  • Beautiful (Akon): Truly beautiful, classic Akon smash. Love you 'Kon!
  • Metal Milita (Metallica): Reminds me of doing downtown NYC shows with Lady Starlight. Bikinis, hairspray on fire, and Metallica.
  • Paper Planes (M.I.A.) : My fellow hardworking female art student. Just like me, her song took almost a full year to clim to the top. But we worked hard, and we did it.
  • Epic (Faith No More ): I used to do performance art go-go pieces to this song with Lady Starlight in New York. So sexy, so hard. Grunge with a little hip-hop. Long live flannel and groupie chicks.
  • Out On The Weekend (Neil Young): Reminds me of my first love :), this song always makes me cry.
  • Ace of Spades (Motorhead): Used to go see a Motorhead tribe band at Arlene's Grocery. They were amazing. They played this song and it sounded exactly like the band!!
  • Unusual You (Britney Spears): This is such a great song, I listened to Circus on the plane, and whern I got this song I stopped, and played it over and over. It's so beautiful, and so sad, and I love the way it has an eerie sonic quality. As if the music was put into a funhouse mirror. Go girl. Great Pop.
  • Rebel Rebel (David Bowie): This is rebel youth's anthem. I don't think i've ever heard this song without a bear in my hand. Some songs are just like that.
  • Coldest Winter (Kanye West): One of the most beautifully written and crafted records I've heard in a long time.

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