From time to time, Lady Gaga uploads photographs taken by herself for various occasion.

Social mediaEdit

Each link will include all the photographs she posted on the following websites:
See this page for the Instagram gallery

Gaga joined Instagram in June of 2012. She posted her first photos on June 20, 2012. When asked about her lack of profile picture, Gaga explained to fans that she thinks the website is difficult to use. The photographs uploaded are mostly taken from her iPad.

December 5, 2010Edit

Media use

  1. "Born This Way" promotional poster with "GAGA" written in red on it.
  2. The Born This Way Ball poster
  3. The Born This Way Ball program

April 9, 2011Edit

I graphic designed the Judas single cover myself, in Word, and photographed the image with my cellphone for texture.” —Lady Gaga, Gagavision No. 42

Media useEdit

June 8, 2011Edit

  1. The Advocate (no.1050, 2011)

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