Lady Gaga: Critical Mass Fashion - 144 paged unauthorized biography of Lady Gaga by Elizabeth Goodman (St. Martin’s Press, September 14, 2010).


"Packed with 120 photos of the new queen of pop, this volume celebrates the fashion of the edgy, wildly original Lady Gaga, catching this rocketing star at her most outrageous, most revealing, and most fashionable. Visual explosion on screen, on stage, and on the page: that’s Gaga who exploded on the international fashion scene almost as quickly as she burst onto the music scene. In this lushly illustrated style guide, Elizabeth Goodman, a music and fashion writer for Rolling Stone, Elle and New York Magazine, explores the fashion chameleon that is Gaga. Loaded with 120 brilliant colour and black and white images, you’ll see the many faces of Lady Gaga and the impact of her style on art and fashion. And since fashion is never just about the clothes, there are gorgeously illustrated chapters that cover her hair and nail art, make-up, shoes, hats and tattoos."

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