Laurente Besencon is a partner and co-founder of the management firm New Heights Entertainment. Besencon, with his long term partner Alan Melina, founded the management firm New Heights Entertainment and its publishing arm New Heat Music (administered worldwide by Universal Music) in 2001.

  • He started his music business career with the management firm of Shankman, DeBlasio, Melina (SDM) in 1991 and became a partner of the firm in 1998.
  • During these years Besencon also served as Creative Director of the Music Publishing Company Sunset Boulevard Entertainment and A&R Director for the record company Stardom Records.
  • As Director of A&R for Stardom Records, Besencon oversaw all A&R functions as well as the manufacturing, promotion and marketing departments and acted as Executive Producer on many of the label’s releases.

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