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Leeroy New

Leeroy New (1986, General Santos City) is a designer whose practice overlaps and intersects with film, theater, visual arts and fashion. He's a Visual Arts graduate of the Philippine High School for the Arts and University of the Philippines Fine Arts.


In 2011, Leero New was commissioned by Nicola Formichetti to create a "Muscle Dress" inspired by his previous Fall 2010 Collection with Kermit Tesoro. He made a cast on Gaga's body before sculpting the shape in clay, then molded it in a silicone mold. According to Gaga, the dress is a continuation of body modification started with the bones (and facial horns) used for the promotion of "Born This Way" in 2011. She also stated that the indentation of the outfit sort of mirror the face of Yüyi the mermaid.

The "Muscle Dress" was modified by In-House Atelier creating a top, shorts and shades made from the original piece.


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