Leslie Kee

Leslie Kee was born and raised in Singapore. He moved to Japan in 1993 and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Tokyo with a bachelor’s degree in photography in 1997.

June 11, 2009Edit

  1. Purple gloves by Unknown, bracelet by Yoshiko Creation Paris
  2. Hat by Yoshiko Creation Paris, mask by Hotel Gluttony (Joji Kojima), dress and shoes by Unknown
  3. Rings by Noir Jewelry, bracelets ("Sly") by Yoshiko Creation Paris
  4. Zipper mask by Unknown

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Behind the scenesEdit

August 5, 2009Edit

  1. Elephant hair by Shinji Konishi, outfit by Unknown

Media useEdit

Super Lady Gaga (Book)Edit

In 2011, Leslie Kee released an artbook (255mm x 330mm) of 48 pages of color and black and white images which included two of his photoshoots with Gaga. The book was released as a limited edition of 1000 copies by Danny & Teddy Press. Stock photos and photographs of Andrej Pejic and Erika Sawajiri were used to make the book along with the photoshoot with Gaga.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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