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"Lisa Goes Gaga" is the name of an episode from The Simpsons, an American animated sit-com, in which Lady Gaga appears as a guest spot in the episode. The episode is the season finale for the 23rd season of the show, scheduled to premiere on May 20th, 2012. Prior to this, The Simpsons had paid tribute to Gaga by playing "Just Dance" on a previous episode, as well as featuring a Lady Gaga-esque character in another.


Lisa tries to reverse her status as one of the least popular girls in school by ghostwriting positive things about herself on the school blog. When her plan backfires, her social ranking plummets to a new low – until a psychic force tells Lady Gaga that Lisa needs her help. With Gaga’s assistance, Lisa and the entire town of Springfield realize that being yourself is better than being like anyone else.

Lisa Goes Gaga
Episode no. 508
Prod. code PABF14
Orig. airdate May 20, 2012 on FOX
Directed by Matthew Schofield,
James L. Brooks


Gaga Simpsons

Recording her voice-over on August 22, 2011.

Gaga guest spot was revealed in the press on the last week of August, 2011 after she recorded her part for the show. Gaga's recording sessions took place on August 22 to the 26th of 2011 in Los Angeles.

In the season finale, she is portraying herself, and her character is described as the "happiest, most optimistic person in the world." Her plotline is that she goes to Springfield, where the show is based, to try to cheer up Lisa, but she can't. Executive producer, Al Jean, said that it was the first time they featured a "show business legend" younger than the series itself.

Since the very beginning, I’ve always wanted to have on the most iconic personalities of our time, and she’s it.

—Matt Groening

I make music, but I don’t do voice-overs every day of the week, and their characters are so awesomely convincing and sincere and wild and funny, I had to remind myself constantly of the sincerity of the humor. That’s what I was trying to focus on, not putting on a character too much and really being as sincere as I could with the lines. I would say this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. My dad’s probably going to do 80 backflips when the episode comes out.

—Lady Gaga

In an interview with E! Online, Groening further commented on Gaga's appearance; "The great thing about having Lady Gaga is that she came in a number of times and always with a different getup," he opined. "Like she'd leave the room and come back in after a break in a completely new getup. It was unbelievable. The only time that she ever took off her hat was when it was banging into the microphone."


Gaga helped compose two short songs that were featured during the episode.

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