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Lady Gaga, just like any other musician, has tracks left over from her recording sessions, often referred to as outtakes.

Amateur recordings (2001-2006)

Stefani Germanotta (2001-2006 Demo)

  1. "Kisses are Quarters"
  2. "If Only"
  3. "Selfish Girl"
  4. "In a Dream"
  5. "Electric Kiss"
  6. "Captivated"

Stefani Germanotta Band outtakes

(1) Might have been recorded in a studio, but only the Rob Fusari's version is known to exist.


Rumored Lady Gaga Tracks

This list is purely based on speculation. These song titles aren't registered on either Lady Gaga's ASCAP or BMI. This list of songs came from an old list leaked around The Fame era. They might be fake or simply unfinished demos.


The official name of the following songs are unknown (they might be already listed on the page but there's no connection to them yet).

Yeah babe! Come on, Move it, move it. (What?)
If you want me you better prove it, prove it. (Let's go!)
I need your measurements to know if, know if. (What?)
I wanna take you home and do it.

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