The FameEdit

The Fame MonsterEdit

  • Monster (2010) - intended to be second single from The Fame Monster, replaced with "Telephone".
  • Speechless (2010) - in interview Gaga stated that she want to release Speechless as a single, however the song never received any kind of release.
  • Dance in the Dark (2010) - the song compete with "Alejandro" for being third single from the album. On August 25, Universal Music France announced that the song had been sent to radio stations in France, serving as the fourth and final single off the album. There was no official fourth single release off the album outside of Australia, New Zealand and France. There is also no physical release, only digital. Polydor confirmed that there will be no accompanying music video.

Born This WayEdit

In interview Gaga stated that she want to release 10 singles from the album, however only 5 received a release.

  • Government Hooker (2011/2012) - Gaga stated that she has many ideas of the music video for the track, however the song was never released as a single. The only video material for the song is VMA 2011 commercial titled Muse Factory.
  • Heavy Metal Lover (2011/2012) - in early 2012 Gaga was asked by a fan if she is going to release Heavy Metal Lover as a single, she replied "Yes, I am".
  • Bloody Mary (2011/2012)
  • Black Jesus † Amen Fashion (2011/2012) - when a fan on Twitter asked Gaga what her favorite bonus track from Born This Way is, Gaga responded: "I love them all but my favorite bonus track is probably Black Jesus /Amen Fashion. I've been listening on repeat. I want to do a video so bad!"
  • Scheiße (2011/2012) - on August 3, 2012, Gaga revealed that her original choice of singles was "Born This Way", "Marry the Night", "Scheiße" and "The Edge of Glory". According to her, Interscope Records didn't allow her to put "Scheiße" as a single so she decided to feature the song on the short film created for "Fame".


  • Sexxx Dreams (2013) - intended to be lead single, replaced with Applause. Later intended to be double single along with MANiCURE.
  • Aura (2013) - intended to be lead single and continuation of Telephone.
  • MANiCURE (2013) - intended to be double single along with Sexxx Dreams.
  • Venus (2013) - intended to be album second single, replaced with Do What U Want.
  • Swine (2013) - intended to be album second single, replaced with Venus.
  • Gypsy (2014) - intended to be album third single, replaced with "G.U.Y.".


  • A-Yo (2016) - intended to be album second single, replaced with Million Reasons due it's commercial success.

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