HOG Get Well Gaga project with Skype! [1]

5-3-13 001 Collaborate with Skype on their get well project for Mother Monster! Help Gaga stay strong by sending your “Get Well” photo or artwork with Skype. We'll be making sure she sees the submissions. Here’s how:

HOG Get Well Gaga with Skype [2]

5-7-13 001 Have you contributed to Skype's project to give Lady Gaga "Get Well" inspiration? Discover how to send your artwork and photos today, and help keep Mother Monster inspired as she recovers from surgery:

Little Monsters Profile Picture 001 It is a dangerous place where we put ART, but sacred where we make it.[3]

5-16-13 001

Little Monsters Profile Picture 001 Posted by Gaga[4]

5-31-13 001


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