HOG TechHaus 'Anemone' Dress[1]

9-4-13 001
TechHaus - the technical division of the Haus of Gaga - has unveiled its first collaboration with Studio XO!

Studio XO for TechHaus debuted it's first piece 'Anemone' as Gaga left The Roundhouse in London after #SWINEFEST!

'Anemone' is a unique dress featuring an integrated bubble factory and is the first in a series of couture technologies to be released by the TechHaus/Studio XO during the ARTPOP campaign.

7-2-13 Inez and Vinoodh 003 Profile Picture[2]

7-2-13 Inez and Vinoodh 003

7-2-13 Inez and Vinoodh 003 studio time giving birth to *VENUS*[3]

9-19-13 001


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