Lorraine E. Schwartz Inc. is a jewelry business based in New York City has been a part of Schwartz's family for three generations, Schwartz took over the family business in 1989, after her mother died from cancer at age 55. She renamed the company Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds & Fine Jewelry. She also remade the company business model so that her works are sold only at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, by appointment at her 5th Avenue showroom in Manhattan and by private commission.

Jewelry Edit

  1. Platinum earrings with 20 carat diamond pear shape studs.
  2. Black onyx earrings with diamond and jade bracelets.

Custom Edit

Gaga wear a customized diamond ring heart-shaped since her fiancée, Taylor Kinney gave her for Valentine's Day in February 14, 2015.

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