VMB Brasil

The MTV Video Music Brazil awards (originally Video Music Awards Brazil), more commonly known as VMB, were MTV Brazil's annual award ceremony, established in 1995. MTV viewers picked the winners for most categories since 2001. Unlike in the MTV Video Music Awards, the most important category at the MTV Video Music Brazil was the Viewer's Choice, not the Video of the Year; both of these categories merged in 2005. In 2007, the awards have faced a major rebranding, with several categories extinguished (most notably the specific genre divisions) and even the trophies' design changed; from this year on, the awards were no longer focused on music videos, but on the artists, and the most important category became the Artist of the Year. However, the Video of the Year category existed to award the best music video. In 2013, due to the devolution of the brand "MTV" to Viacom, and with the reformulation of the channel, the ceremony was discontinued.

2011 MTV Video Music BrazilEdit


Lady Gaga was won the "Best International Artist" award, an award that was chosen by the public.

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