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Melina Matsoukas (born January 14, 1981) is an American music video director.

Matsoukas is of Greek, Jewish, Jamaican and Cuban descent. Both her name and surname are Greek: Μελίνα Ματσούκα. She is a graduate of the American Film Institute and New York University. Her graduate thesis there was on music videos.

Matsoukas started out at the now-defunct Gorilla Flix film production company, and currently works for Black Dog Films/RSA, which she has been signed to since 2006.

Her work is described as, "chalk full of bright colors or crisp black and white images, smooth spotlights, and tasteful retro video models." Matsoukas says that expensive equipment is not necessary for a quality video and one should never think that way: "A good video has the right visuals, a well conceptualised story and should be exciting and elicit reaction." In an interview for Venus Zine's Fall 2010 issue, she says about being part of the music video world, "I love it. The quick turnaround, the creativity."

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