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Merchant Loop (The Dome from Dubai) is an arena located in Clarke Quay, Singapore. It's also referred sometimes as Clarke Quay Dome. The maximum capacity is currently unknown.

June 14, 2009Edit

  • This arena was built specially for Lady Gaga's concert in this date.
  • SingTel AMPed and Universal Music promoted this concert.
  • Customers of SingTel were eligible to win tickets to the show.
  • The opening act was DJ Paul T.
  • This show had the same setlist as the last concert at Shibuya-AX.
  • The outfits and wigs were different though.
  • Gaga wore a blonde curly wig for the first act during "LoveGame" and "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich", she wore a new outfit with just a shiny wig cap on for "Paparazzi", "Poker Face" (Acoustic), and "Poker Face".
  • Gaga wore a long blonde fringe wig for "Just Dance" along with a yellow tutu.
Set list:

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