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Date April 6, 2012
Location New York City, NY Us
Styling Grace Coddington (Vogue)
Hair stylist Luigi Murenu for John Frieda
Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni for Clé de Peau Beauté
Poducer Libi Molnar for NorthSix

00-00-12 Mert and Marcus 001

Custom dress by Marc Jacobs

Hat by Stephen Jones

Outfit by Alexander McQueen

Hat by Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs, outfit by Marc Jacobs

Hat by Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs, scarf by Marc Jacobs, shoes by Ellie

Vogue (September 2012, Behind the Scenes)01:39

Vogue (September 2012, Behind the Scenes)

Vogue presents LADY GAGA
Director Mert and Marcus
Editing N/A
Music "Hair"

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