Michael Ngo is a Los Angeles based fashion designer that was born and raised in San Jose, CA. He began working full-time as a sales stylist at a high-end designer store on Melrose Place where he helped styled various clients for film, television and music. In 2011, during her performance in front a sold-out Staples Center, Gaga spotted him and called out from the stage “B*tch! That is a really great outfit. Did you make that yourself? You are f*cking talented!”. Ngo was fortunate to give the first of three jackets to her when he met her in May 2012. He graduated from The Art Institutes of California: LA as the Valedictorian of the Fall 2014 Graduating Class. After graduation, Ngo worked for his first runway collection —SHINOBI BALLROOM—, debuting at Los Angeles Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015.

Spring/Summer "Sovereigns Of The Sea" 2016 RTW Collection Edit

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