Lady Gaga
Writer(s) Tim Long
Producer(s) Rex Promise
Length 1:05

"Monster" is a song written by Tim Long and performed by Lady Gaga for The Simpsons episode, "Lisa Goes Gaga".


When they're young,
All little monsters learn,
That they are scary.

Ugly, stupid,
Shunned by Cupid,
Overweight and hairy.

But every monster needs to find,
That secret deep inside.
That transforms Dr. Jekyll,
Into sexy Mr. Hyde.

All my monsters,
So beautiful,
Disco Stu-diful
Square rootiful.
Old cutiful.

Monsters don't need implants,
Or a bitchin' monster car.
Monsters only need to love,
The monsters that they are.

Oh yeah!

Gaga, dada, jawa.

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