This page is a list of interludes used during the Monster Ball in 2009 to 2011. For the fashion credits and synopsis of each along with the backdrops, see the Monster Ball: Theater page (2009-2010) or the Monster Ball: Arena page (2010-2011).


Puke Film
Nick Knight director
LGG 05
Raven Film
Nick Knight director
Twister 1
PawsUpFilm-2010 16
Antler Film
Nick Knight director
Monster film
Tattoo Film
Nick Knight director
Bloody Space Film 001
Poker Face Film 001
Edward Scissorhands
Nick Knight director
Toilet Film 001
Toilet Film
Nick Knight director
Fan film
Fan Film
Nick Knight director
Judas en TMB pantalla
Judas Film
Uncredited director


Lady Gaga tours interludes
Musical interludes "Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary (Remix)"  · "DJ Space Cowboy"
As Opening act "Haus (intro)"  · "Pop Ate My Heart"  · "Phantom"
The Fame Ball Tour "The Heart"  · "The Brain"  · "The Face" — Crevettes Films
The Monster Ball Tour "Jumping"  · "Puke"  · "Raven"  · "Tank Girl"  · "Twister"  · "Antler"  · "Monster"  · "Apocalyptic"  · "Tattoo"  · "Poker Face"  · "Toilet"  · "Fan"  · "Judas"  · "Bloody Space"
ITunes Festival "ARTPOP SwineFest Backdrop"  · "Sex Dreams SwineFest Backdrop"  · "Swine SwineFest Backdrop"  · "Jewels N' Drugs SwineFest Backdrop"
ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball "ArtRave (Intro)"  · "Venus"  · "Jewels N' Drugs"

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