Monstervision is the name of the video blog replacing Transmission Gagavision. The name is a mix between "Monsters" (fans of Lady Gaga) and "Gagavision" (her former video blog name). They are uploaded on Youtube but featured on Little Monsters. After episode 8, DJ White Shadow started a video blog called "DJWS Vision".

2012 log

No. 1: "Film Project"

Film Project
Starring Lady Gaga and Tara Savelo
Released July 26, 2012
Location United States Us
Length 2:49
Music Settle Down by No Doubt

On July 26, 2012, Gaga with Tara Savelo, her makeup artist, released through Little Monsters a contest to select a fan to direct one of the film.

No. 2: "Sketch Submissions Update & Fragrance Launch"

Sketch Submissions Update & Fragrance Launch
Starring Lady Gaga and Tara Savelo
Released August 2, 2012
Location United States Us
Length 0:51
Music Swimming Pools (Drank) by Kendrick Lamar

On August 2, 2012, Gaga and Tara expressed their love for all the outfit sketch submission, and that they are choosing the sketches that Gaga will wear. Gaga said she would wear one of the outfits at the first FAME perfume launch.

No. 3: "Gypsy Videos and BTWBall Date Announcement"

Gypsy Videos and BTWBall Date Announcement
Starring Lady Gaga, Zachary, Natali, Cynthia
Released August 4, 2012
Location United States Us
Length 3:58
Music Scheiße and You and I

On August 4, 2012, Gaga posted the third Monstervision episode on She shared some old videos that hadn't been seen before. One of her dacning to "Scheiße" on Christmas with her mother, and another of the VMA You and I rehearsal.

No. 4

Starring Lady Gaga,Tara Savelo, Frederic Aspiras and Fozzi
Released August 13, 2012
Location Sofia, Bulgaria Bg
Length 3:38
Music A.D.H.D by Kendrick Lamar
La vie en rose by Édith Piaf

On August 13, 2012, Gaga posted the fourth episode of Monstervision on The episode showed Gaga arriving in Bulgaria and going to rehearse.

No. 5: "Dressage"

Starring Lady Gaga
Released August 13, 2012
Location Sofia, Bulgaria Bg
Length 2:43
Music Padam Padam by Edith Piaf

On August 13, 2012, Gaga posted the fifth episode of Monstervision on The episode showed Gaga taking a bath using the FAME soap, and getting her makeup done in her hotel while explaining a bit about the purpose of Monstervisions and talked a bit about ARTPOP.

No. 6: "Fozzi and Me in "Little Paris""

Fozzi and Me in "Little Paris
Starring Lady Gaga and Fozzi Bear
Released August 17, 2012
Location Bucharest, Romania Ro
Length 3:12
Music Si tu vois ma mère by Sidney Bechet

On August 17, 2012, Gaga posted the sixth episode of Monstervision titled "Fozzi and Me", starring Lady Gaga and Fozzi, Tara's dog. The video showed scenes of Gaga and Fozzi walking and having fun around Bucharest and finally boarding a private plane to Austria.

No. 7: "The Adventures of Mary Jane Holland"

The Adventures of Mary Jane Holland
Starring Lady Gaga, Lady Starlight, Tara Savelo, Fozzi
Released August 19, 2012
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands Nl
Length 01:43
Music Hey Little Girl by Heavy Metal Kids

On August 19, 2012, Gaga posted the 7th episode of Monstervision online titled, "The Adventures of Mary Jane Holland". The episode showed scenes of Gaga, Tara Savelo and others, cooking, partying and playing with Tara's dog, Fozzi. This Monstervision marked the comeback of Gaga's brunette hair.

No. 8: "Oh! You Pretty Things!"

Oh! You Pretty Things!
Starring Gaga, Starlight, Tara, Frederic, DJWS, Fozzi
Released September 7, 2012
Location Copenhagen, Denmark Dk
Length 3:14
Music Hunk Dory by David Bowie

On September 7, 2012, Gaga posted this Monstervision on titled "OH YOU PRETTY THINGS!" It is basically a video compilation of Gaga's candids since the start of September.

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