Ken Borochov

Mordekai is a designer brand founded by Ken Borochov, who created a custom crown, mask, jewelry and a wheelchair for Lady Gaga. The first Mordekai project for Gaga was the crown for her Guggenheim NY Fame perfume launch and performance. The crown was 24 kt plated and made in NYC in the diamond district. The second project was another crown and a pair of bracelets for her Paris launch of FAME fragrance. She used the bracelets and a set of armor nails for her for the Harrod’s launch in London, piece became known as the Claw. The third was during her performance with The Rolling Stones. She wore an S & M style cage on the way to the concert with a full Saint Laurent look. Wheelchair was inspired by a queen's throne is made ​​of stainless steel coated in 24 carat gold, leather cushions, is reclining to 180 degrees and was completed in one week.






Crown Edit

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