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Natasha Lawes is a Creative Designer, make-up and hair artist, body painter, wig and headdress maker, special and tech-FX costume and mask maker, prosthetic and model maker. In 1996 she began a HND Design / Fashion Styling course for Hair & Make-up at the London College of Fashion, where she then applied her Art skills to hair, wig making, fashion and beauty make-up, body painting, tattoos and air brushing. Since 1998 she have been a Hair & Make-up Designer for numerous Television, Film and Production companies, working on everything from Commercials to Film, from Music Promos to Fashion/Beauty/Advertising shoots.She worked with a diverse range of people such as Director George A. Romero and Photographers Anderson & Low. Also regularly she works on Beauty/hair shoots and Beauty Editor for various magazines. After completing Special FX & Prosthetic courses, she later went on to design for Channel 4 & Discovery Channel.



  1. Swarovski crystal mask.

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