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New Heights Entertainment is a personal management firm for Music Producers co-founded by Alan Melina and Laurent Besencon. New Heights Entertainment is one of the leading management companies for producers and songwriters in the music industry today. The firm represents production, music publishing and label entities with all three of the major record label groups: WMG, Sony and UMG in both the US and overseas. They later became in 2006 Lady Gaga's first manager before Troy Carter.


  • RedOne
    • RedOne Records
    • 2101 Songs
    • Songs Of RedOne
    • Hits Change Everything
    • RedOne Productions
  • Adam Anders, Nikki Hassman Anders
    • AMI
    • Deep Well Records
    • Bump Into Genius Music
  • New Heat Music
  • Joshua Thompson
  • Reed Vertelney
  • Ernie Barnes Estate
  • David Frank


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