Date April 26, 2010
Camera P65+ by Phase One
Creative direction David Harris at Vanity Fair
Photographic assistance Adam Goodison, Iain Anderson, Charles Grauche
Features editor Jane Sarkin
Digital capture Joe Colley (Passeridae)
Production Kathryn MacLeod, Jennifer Watko and Kori Shadrick
Executive production Victoria Brynner and Gino Sullivan
NK Image production Charlotte Wheeler
Production assistance Grant Elam, Joseph Soutullo and David Sonneborn
Styling Jessica Diehl at Vanity Fair
Fashion assistance Sam Broekema at Vanity Fair
Fashion director Nicola Formichetti at Haus of Gaga
Seamstress Ulker
Hair stylist Sam McKnight Premier
Hair coloring Jonathan Gale (Jed Root)
Hair assistance Koji Ichikawa
Make-up artist Val Garland (Streeters)
Nails Deborah Lippmann
4-26-10 Nick Knight 004

Lady Gaga is wearing a necklace by Fred Leighton.

Lady Gaga is wearing a dress, corset and shoes by Armani Privé.

Lady Gaga is wearing a dress by Alexander McQueen with a crown by Angels Fancy Dress.

Lady Gaga is wearing a bodysuit by SOMARTA, shoes by Noritaka Tatehana ("Night Makers"), rings by Fred Leighton (right hand), Sevan Bicakci (left hand, ring finger), and VBH (left hand, middle finger)

Lady Gaga is wearing a dress by Givenchy with a crown by Angels Fancy Dress.

SHOWstudio - Vanity Fair 2010

SHOWstudio - Vanity Fair 2010

The Lady Gaga Sittings for Vanity Fair
Director Nick Knight
Editing Ruth Hogben
Music Lukid