• Agency: VCCP
  • Director: David Wilson
  • Production Companies: Good Company & Colonel Blimp
  • Producer: Brian Welsh at Good Campany
  • Executive producer: Tamsin Glasson at Colonel Blimp
  • Photographer: Elle Muliarchyk
  • Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
  • Media planner: Charlotte Clayton
  • VCCP personnel
    • Art Directior: Rachel Robinson
    • Copywriter: Stephania Silveira
    • Agency Producer: Olly Calverley
    • Creative Director: Darren Bailes
    • Planner: Sophie Kerbegian
  • Finish personnel
    • Colour Grading: Paul Harrison
    • VFX Supervisor: Steve Murgatroyd
    • Lead Flame: Steve Murgatroyd
    • Flame: Jason Watts, Judy Roberts, Andy Copping
    • Lead 3D: Harin Hirani
    • Nuke: Catarina Ferreira
    • Post Producer: Cheryl Payne
  • Editor: Darren Baldwin at Final Cut
  • Audio: 750mph

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