July 28: Haus of Gaga Video Pick:Edit

Just Dance!04:00

Just Dance!

It honestly freaks me out how good her imitation is. fingerlicking and all!!! 5 stars. WATCH IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH PEOPLE, there's even a colby o'donis. freaking incredible. clap clap clap clap claps.

July 28: Haus of Gaga In Vietnam At Miss Universe!Edit

You can always count on me to find the local fashion. Wait till I show you the sick mask I found. I mite use it in show.

  • Picture taken on July 14, 2008

July 28: Mini Me!!!!Edit

She looks like me when I was little! (no im not a natural blonde):

Just dance - Lady Gaga - LITTLE GIRL01:01

Just dance - Lady Gaga - LITTLE GIRL

I'm not sure how I feel about a 6 yr old dancing to a song about being wasted, but she is so cute, it doesn't matter. Maybe she thinks its a metaphor.

July 29: Grace Jones has a new video!!!! "Corporate Cannibal" 2008Edit


Grace Jones "Corporate Cannibal" New Video 200806:09

Grace Jones "Corporate Cannibal" New Video 2008

Talk about giving good face. I peed my pants a little when I watched this. The visual, the music, its pop/gothic/almost metal. And she doesn't look a day over 25. You better work that cone-head.

July 29: Holographic Txt Messages: Gaga Thinks This Is B*llshit, Take A Big WhiffEdit

Holographic Text Messages00:36

Holographic Text Messages

There is no way Apple wouldn't capitalize on this technology. I think this might be utube whoring at its finest.

July 29: Artist Pick of The Week: Otto Von ShirachEdit

I met this guy at the THINKISM MUSEUM in Miami, he plays keyboards for this guy. I fell in love instantly. He's a performance artist CHECK HIM OUT. This is a piece he did in Berlin.

Otto von schirach live @ süss fel nap 200606:33

Otto von schirach live @ süss fel nap 2006

Pop Seizure, thomas dolby meets petshop boys meets prodigy and bill nye the science guy. Pretty cool, and I mostly love the teeshirt the guys wearing in background.I have a cd of his new stuff, its a little low-fi for my taste, but i dig the liveshow.

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