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Parque dos Atletas

Parque Olímpico Cidade do Rock is a park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Also called the "Nova cidade do Rock" or "Parque dos Atletas" is a location in Rio de Janeiro permanently retained for leisure of the population and to host large events, that had no place in the city. The place was built by the city of Rio de Janeiro in partnership with businessman Roberto Medina, owner of Artplan, who used the location for the Rock in Rio 2011. The urgency to build the location was the lack of venues for holding large events in the city of Rio de Janeiro, these types of events were held in the Maracana stadium. Due to reform Stadium, there was the urgent need to find a new area in the city to host major events. The "Nova Cidade do Rock" is located in Barra da Tijuca, in front of the "Antiga Rock City" which was incorporated in Vila Carioca, the main cluster of the Summer Olympics in 2016 Besides the Rock in Rio 2011, the "new city of Rock", have been also confirmed two more editions of the event to be held in the city in 2013 and 2015, in the area also will be built the Olympic Village of the 2016 Olympic Games.

November 9, 2012Edit

Part of The Born This Way Ball Tour.

Set list
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