Pascal Millet

Pascal Millet is a Parisian designer that started his career as Michel Goma's first assistant at Balenciaga.

After finishing his studies at Dijon's Ecole des Beaux Arts and a diploma at the “Ecoles de la Chambre Syndicale” de la Haute couture in Paris. In 1992, he integrated the Givenchy Couture House where he worked closely with Monsieur De Givenchy. He eventually collaborated with John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, taking care of private orders for the Haute Couture and ready-to-wear lines.

In 2011, Millet joins the Maison Carven as Head Designer for Haute Couture and the ready-to-wear line.

In 2009, entering a partnership with Patrick Ney, he set up the company Double P. The latter sells its high end ready-to-wear under the designer’s name.

Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Edit

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