Pericles S. Kondylatos is a jewelry designer who lives and works in Greece with origins from Caesarea of Central Anatolia (Asia Minor). He studied design at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design University in UK, and continued with a postgraduate course at Camberwell College of Arts, London. By returning in Greece he worked as a jeweler designer for a Greek company (Nicolis Group), and then worked in various fashion companies such as Haragionnis Group of companies (Gucci) and Lakis Gavalas (LAK). In 2008 joined with Greek fashion designer Vassilis Zoulias & worked for the company as a creative consultant, stylist and as a jewelry and shoe ornament designer. Nowadays he's still at V. Zoulias Company, organizing the fashion shows, designing the campaigns, designing accessories and at the same time, as freelance styling projects.

Accessories Edit

Headpieces Edit

  1. Swarovski crystals, pearls and skulls.

Link Edit

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