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Philipp Rathmer did a photoshoot with Lady Gaga on February 11, 2009 for OK! magazine at Cocoon club in Frankfurt.

February 11, 2009Edit

  • Location — Cocoon Club, Germany
  • Postproduction — Alphadog
  • Fashion director — Janina Krinke
  • Hair & makeup — Tobias Sagner
  1. Lady Gaga wears a peplum dress by Acne (Spring RTW 2009), a belt by Joop! Jeans, leggings by Malene Birger and shoes by DSQUARED2.
  2. Lady Gaga wears a feathered skirt dress by Talbot Runhof (SS 2009), a gold bangle by Frankie Morello, plexi bangles by Celine and heels by Gucci (SS 2009).
  3. Lady Gaga wears a minidress by Penkov (SS 2009) and a star headpiece by Fiona Bennett.
  4. Lady Gaga wears a purple satin jacket by Frankie Morello (Spring 2009), a body by American Apparel, a belt by Malene Birger and gloves by Roeckl.
  5. Lady Gaga wears a metalic top and pants by Kaviar Gauche (Spring 2009), heels by Celine (Spring 2009) and leather gloves by Roeckl.
  6. Lady Gaga wears a jacket by Malene Birger (Spring 2009), a jumpsuit by Modström and plateau high heels by Celine (Spring 2009).

Behind the scenesEdit

Media useEdit


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