Philips is a Dutch multinational engineered and electronics conglomerate. The company owns Philips Design an in-hous exploration research project.

SKIN: DressesEdit

The SKIN probe project explores whether digital innovations really improve our quality of life, focusing on the senses as opposed to intelligent thinking. As part of that on-going project, they created wearable prototypes such as "Bubelle" which debuted at Dutch Design Week in 2007.

Bubelle is a dress surrounded by "bubble" illuminated by patterns that changed dependent on skin contact. It comprises two layers, the inner layer of which is equipped with sensors that respond to changes in the wearer's emotions and projects them onto the outer textile.

  • Director – Clive van Heerden
  • Creative Director – Jack Mama
  • Fashion Director – Nancy Tilbury
  • Body Architect – Lucy McRae
  • Team – Rachel Wingfield, Matthias Gmachl, Stijn Osserfort, Bram Osserfort, Ollie Niemi , Oliver Gondorf, Sita Fischer.


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