Portolano is an accessory brand it started as a glove producer began in Naples when Aldo and Ivo's grandfather, Fortunato Portolano, began manufacturing in the year 1895. The company was a pioneer of the Italian glove exporters and as early as 1911, Portolano was selling leather gloves to the US and the British colonies. The second generation of glove producers were six Portolano brothers, one of whom, Vittorio, Aldo and Ivo's father, opened his own factory in 1933. Thanks to the technology, quality and styling developed by the family, the Portolano brand was established as a leading name in the world of glove manufacturing during the period of World War I and World War II. In 1969, Aldo and Ivo Portolano established the company. Aldo and Ivo opened Adriste Philippines, Inc., located in Baguio City. The factories in Italy and in the Philippines ship goods all over the world. Due to customer demand in North America, Portolano Products Inc. was established in New York in 1985 and in Toronto in 1986.




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