The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is a performing arts venue in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

December 9-11, 2009 Edit

Opening act: Semi Precious Weapons, Kid Cudi

Additional notes:
  • On the 11th during "Bad Romance", Gaga fell when she stepped on the level between the stage and the balcony.
Set list:
  1. Jumping Film (Intro) (contains elements of "Dance in the Dark" and "Finally 2008")
  2. Dance in the Dark
  3. Just Dance
  4. Puke Film (Desert) (contains elements of "Tears in the Rain")
  5. LoveGame (contains elements of the 'Chew Fu Guettohouse Fix')
  6. Alejandro
  7. Raven Film (Forest) (contains elements of "Girls" and a vocal sample of "Money Honey")
  8. Monster
  9. So Happy I Could Die
  10. Teeth
  11. Speechless
  12. Poker Face (Acoustic)/Make Her Say (Performed with Kid Cudi)
  13. Tank Girl Film (Egypt) (contains elements of "Dirty Freak" and a vocal sample of "Beautiful, Dirty,Rich")
  14. Fashion
  15. The Fame (contains elements of "Ghosts N Stuff")
  16. Money Honey
  17. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  18. Antler Film (City) (contains elements of "Fancy Footwork" and "Shook One Pt. II")
  19. Boys Boys Boys
  20. Paper Gangsta
  21. Poker Face (contains elements of the 'Space Cowboy' remix)
  22. Monster Film (Manifesto of Little Monsters)
  23. Paparazzi
  24. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Encore)
  25. Bad Romance (Encore)
  26. Tattoo Film (Opera - Outro)

May 25-26, 2015: CTC Tour: Vancouver JazzEdit

Part of Cheek To Cheek Tour.