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Rennio Maifredi

Rennio Maifredi is a photographer born and raised in Brescia, Italy. He is currently based in New York. He did a photoshoot with Lady Gaga in 2009.

March 5, 2009Edit

This photo shoot was first featured in the editorial of Maxim (July, 2009).
  • Styling — Kemal & Karla (The Wall Group)
  • Hair — Peter Savic (Solo artists/Redken)
  • Makeup — Sharon Gault (Photogenics beauty for M.A.C. make-up)
  1. Lady Gaga wears a shin guard bangle by AND_i (Couture 2009 Collection).
  2. Lady Gaga wears.
  3. Lady Gaga wears.
  4. Lady Gaga wears a leather mask by Coco de Mer.

Behind the scenesEdit

Behind the Scenes of Rennio Maifredi 2009 Photoshoot02:03

Behind the Scenes of Rennio Maifredi 2009 Photoshoot

Director N/A
Editing N/A
Music "Poker Face"

Media useEdit


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