Lady Gaga
Writer(s) Lady Gaga
Rob Fusari
Producer(s) Rob Fusari

"Retrosexual" is a song written by Lady Gaga, and Rob Fusari (Team Love Child) in 2006.

The origin of the term:

Retrosexual – I came out with that a long time ago. Me and my buddy Tom were hanging out one day in the studio and we were talking about metrosexuals, because he had bought a pair of boots and I said 'Those are very metrosexual.' And he was like 'I don't know, I think they're kind of retro.' And I said 'So you're retrosexual.' It was kind of a joke. The more I thought about it – I'm so obsessed with all things retro, the 70s and 80s. I don't know, that word just kind of flew out of my mouth one day, and it stuck with me. I often do that – if I coin terms, they'll become like the centerfold of my entire project or an entire record.

—Lady Gaga


So what do you say we get out of here, kid?
Lets go to see the ball.
Anywhere. Anyone.
Look at the girl working those disco boots.
Kiss her. She has her tongue tied.

She has that weird look.
Shes so retro.
So sexual.
Work it, babe.
Retrosexual. Sexual.
Retrosexual. Retrosexual.
Re- tro.
She needs her beautiful man.

She is working her pink, silver hair.
(Almost done)
She says she needs her GoGo boots.
(Need them)
I' m a DJ at the disco.
What is going on at the floor?
Answer me, babe.

She has that weird look.
(Yes, I do!)
She' s so retro.
(So right)
Work it, babe.
Retrosexual. Sexual.
Retro, Retro, Retrosexual.
She needs her beautiful man.

Babe, wait till I have my orgasm.
This shit is fantastic!
You gonna cum, boy?
You better do! Wanna know why?

'Cuz I am Retro Retrosexual.
Retro. Retrosexual.
I need my GoGo boots.
Retro, I am almost sexual.
Retrosexual. Retrosexual... Retro...



  • Stefani Germanotta P/K/A Lady Gaga (BMI) Sony/ATV Songs, LLC/ House of Gaga Publishing, LLC / GloJoe Music Inc. (BMI)
  • June Bug Alley (ASCAP)


Producer: Rob Fusari (2006—2007)  · Songs included on The Fame

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