SMAP×SMAP is an ongoing weekly Japanese variety show on Kansai TV and Fuji TV starring the members of SMAP. The show began on April 15, 1996 and it airs from 22:00 to 22:54 (JST) every Monday. The show's usual rating is higher than 20%, which is considered high since most variety shows range from 10-20%.

June 29, 2011

Lady Gaga took the stage on Japanese TV show SMAP x SMAP for a stunning performance of hits from her new album Born This Way, which was currently the best-selling international CD in Japan at the time of the appearance.

Set list:
  1. "The Edge of Glory"
  2. "Yoü and I"
  3. "Born This Way"
  1. Dress by KTZ, jewelry by Versace, belt by Chanel and shoes by Noritaka Tatehana.
  2. Lycra outfit and mask by Baby Doll Tokyo.
  3. Shoes by Ellie.

November 28, 2013

Set list:
  1. "Venus"
  2. "Applause"
Lady Gaga wears a headpiece by SOMARTA with Swarovski crystals and shoes by Kerin Rose.

November 3, 2016

Set list:
  1. "Milllion Reasons"
  2. "Perfect Illusion"
  3. "A-YO"
  1. Lady Gaga wears a kimono and belt by Jotaro Saito while she holds a camera by Hello Kitty, her Versace bag and a fragrance by Alexander McQueen.
  2. Lady Gaga wears a custom jacket by Kreist and a hat by Gladys Tamez.
  3. Lady Gaga wears a custom top and shorts by Michael Schmidt with a custom patch by Wesley Berryman and a custom jacket by Diet Butcher Slim Skin.

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