Star is a magazine specializing in celebrity gossip and scandals.


Lady Gaga was interviewed for an edition in a co-feature with Katy Perry.

Lady Gaga, 22

REAL NAME: Stefani Germanotta

Raised on Manhattan's Upper West Side by her father, Joseph, an Internet entrepreneur, and mom, Cynthis, a former telecommunications executive.
Early Career
Started working as a songwriter at Interscope Records in 2006. She gained her own following through her MySpace page - where fans could download her music - and live performances at downtown NYC clubs with her DJ/go-go dancer Lady Starlight.
Breakthrough Hit
The huge club single "Just Dance," off her 2008 debut album, The Fame.
Love Life
"I don't have boyfriends," says the Lady, who does "nothing but eat, breathe, sleep and live my work' with her wild Haus of GaGa show troupe.
"I'm defying all of the preconceptions we have of pop artist," boasts Lady GaGa, who counts Cher, David Bowie and Madonna as stars who've inspired her music and fashion.
On Katy Perry
"Katy is a friend of mine; she's a sweetheart! She's a postmodern pinup. If she were a cocktail, I'd order her straight up!" Lady GaGa tells Star.

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