Sunrise is an Australian breakfast television program, broadcast on the Seven Network.

September 26, 2008

Lady Gaga performed with DJ Space Cowboy and her two female dancers. This performance became famous because of the accusations from the show of her lip-syncing the song:

This morning’s performance from Lady Gaga was obviously not live.That is a clear breach of Sunrise policy on music performances.We’d like to apologise for the segment and assure you we view the breach extremely seriously. We pride ourselves on our live music performances and will continue to deliver Australian audiences with the best acts from here and overseas.
Adam Boland
Executive Producer

She defended herself stating that she was actually really sick that day and decided to lower her microphone volume and put the backing track louder to cover her hoarse voice. On the soundcheck for the performance, Gaga said to the crowd: "I'm a bit sick today so I could use all the cheering I could get".

Set list
  1. Intro
  2. "Just Dance"
Intro: Good morning Australia, my name is Lady Gaga and this is Sunrise.

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