The Tattoo Film is the finale film for The Monster Ball Tour. It comes after the performance of Bad Romance, after Lady Gaga and the dancers walk offstage. The film is about Gaga getting a "Dad Tattoo" while wearing an exoskeleton styled mask, similar to the mask worn by the dancers during the performance at the American Music Awards. It also resembles the one Gaga wore during the LoveGame performances of the first US leg of the tour. Towards the end, Gaga takes off the mask, looks at the tattoo, and smiles. Throughout the entire video, Blondel zu Marien, D. 626 is heard in the background. Some parts of the film is also used in the new version of the Puke Film.


"Blondel zu Marien, D. 626" - Franz Schubert 

Images Edit

Lady Gaga tours interludes
Musical interludes "Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary (Remix)"  · "DJ Space Cowboy"
As Opening act "Haus (intro)"  · "Pop Ate My Heart"  · "Phantom"
The Fame Ball Tour "The Heart"  · "The Brain"  · "The Face" — Crevettes Films
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ITunes Festival "ARTPOP SwineFest Backdrop"  · "Sex Dreams SwineFest Backdrop"  · "Swine SwineFest Backdrop"  · "Jewels N' Drugs SwineFest Backdrop"
ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball "ArtRave (Intro)"  · "Venus"  · "Jewels N' Drugs"

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