• Promoters — Live Nation Global Touring (Worldwide), AEG Live (UK)
  • Production executive — Mo Morrison
  • Art director — Marla Weinhoff
  • Stage design — Mark Fisher with Ric Lipson (Stufish Entertainment)
  • Production Manager — Jason Danter
  • Stage Director — Richard 'Richy' Jackson

Hair and makeup department

Wardrope department

Dancer department

Music department

Sound department

  • Front of House (FOH) Engineer, Programmer — Chris Rabold

Lighting department

  • Lighting Designer — Patrick Woodroffe, Lady Gaga
  • Associate Lighting Designer — Adam Bassett
  • Lighting Director — Calvin 'Mac' Mosier
  • Lighting Programming — Patrick Dierson


  • Video director — Steven Fatone (Soneaf Inc.)


  • Stage fabrication — Tait Towers
  • Lighting system, video — PRG (PRG Nocturne)


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