After killing Mother G.O.A.T., Lady Gaga is no longer at risk of being hunted for being a fugitive. Following her speech, Gaga introduced the song by saying "I don't speak (language of the country) but I can if you like" which was followed by the pre-recorded 'Owww' found on the album version. She began "Scheiße" from Born This Way by singing acappella the first verse of the song while her dancers arrived onstage. After which, she begins a heavily choreographed dance sequence with her dancers. For select shows, Gaga brought some fans to join them onstage to perform the choreography. At the end of the song, Gaga usually said "Good night everybody," then leaving the stage, and had the lights turned off, as if the show had ended.

The Born This Way Ball Tour Scheiße 013
Jacket and pants by Atelier Versace .

For the 2013 dates, Gaga wore a new black cropped halter top, double-breasted power shoulder jacket and matching pants ensemble with silver Medusa accents by Atelier Versace on January 11 to February 11, 2013 (Look 2). The dancers wore matching black outfits (uncredited) on April 27, 2012 to February 11, 2013.

  • Lady Gaga wore a black crystal embellished suit by Perry Meek and Muto-Little Costumes for Haus of Gaga on April 27 to December 12, 2012(Look 1).
  • During the first several shows, at the beginning of the song GaGa would say "i dont speak (whatever language of the country), but i can if you like, followed by the studio recording of her singing "I don't speak German, but i can if you like. Owww". Later, the recording of her saying "I don't speak German, but i can if you like" has been cut out.
  • Beginning on May 13, 2012, Lady Gaga began to announce "Good night everybody," leave the stage, and have the lights turned off, as if the show had ended.

"The Edge of Glory"Edit

During the blackout, the castle was moved again to is initial position. She begins by playing the first 40 seconds of the song on a piano. During that part, she said, "I know sometimes it can feel really lonely, and you might feel like some people are trying to destroy you… But, you can never be destroyed.". This was followed by the full album version of the song. During the sax solo, Mark does his dance routine with Gaga on the upper level of the castle.

Lady Gaga — Silk satin skeleton print robe, leather top, shorts, and jacket by Atelier Versace
Mark Kanemura — outfit by Atelier Versace

  • From April 27 to May 3 2012, Gaga starts the album version at second verse after the acoustic one. But, Gaga did this once again from November 6, 2012 until February 11, 2013.
  • From May 5 to November 3, 2012, Gaga sings the whole album version after the acoustic one.
  • During the show in Barcelona, GaGa puked on stage during this performance.

"Marry the Night"Edit

After a couple of minutes, the song begins and the castle is slightly light up with purple lights. She performs a short version of the song, also using a keytar. The keytar on the opening night was her old AX-Synths by Roland revamped for the occasion. She replaced it with a keytar made by Armani Privé.The song is normally performed on the runway, but on dates with no Monster Pit the song is performed on the main stage.

Dancers — outfit by Atelier Versace

During some shows, Gaga cut the whole second verse and chorus from the song. On October 26, she performed the acoustic version of the song because she was sick. Then, on November 3, 6 and 16 she sung the acoustic version once again. On show in Houston ahead, Gaga uses version acoustic and version album for performance

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