From the rehearsal in the United States to the rehearsals in Seoul, the cloudy backdrops was removed. From April 27 to May 13, 2012, the castle was bigger because there was one more tower on the right. But, ever since May 17, 2012, the castle got smaller because that tower was removed; with or without Monster Pit. For the modification or the added props, see the summary below as they are described in their respective sections.

  1. Stage modifications + notes
    1. Stage with the swing walls closed.
    2. The stage when opened.
      1. Open stage with the moveable staircase/ramp.
      2. Comparison of the stages (April 27-May 13 and May 17-present)
  2. Monster Pit modifications
    1. Small Pentagonal Monster Pit (for arena shows)
    2. Big Pentagonal Monster Pit (used in stadiums)
    3. Heptagonal Monster Pit (only used in the Saitama Super Arena in Japan)

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