The live band are old friends of Lady Gaga from New York.

  • DJ — Space Cowboy (March 11, 2008 to April 23, 2009), DJ Nicodemus (Nicolas Constantine) (May 1-June 19)
  • Guitar — Nicolas Constantine (June 26-September 29)
  • Bass — Thomas Kafafian (June 26-September 29)
  • Drums — Andreas Brobjer (June 26-September 29)
  • Keyboards and synth — Brian London (June 26-September 29)
  • Keytar — Lady Gaga (in "Paparazzi")
  • Dancers — Michael Silas, Ian McKenzie, Asiel Hardison

Crevette FilmsEdit

Title Name
Director Jamal Hill
Camera Bruce F. Cole
Creative director, script Lady Starlight, Lady Gaga
Makeup artist Sharon "Mama makeup" Gault
Photographer Gabe Zapata
Camera Bruce Francis Cole
Candy Warhol Lady Gaga
Unnamed man Jack Ketchum

Summer revisions tour visualsEdit

Title Name
Company onedotzero industries
Producer Sam Pattinson
Video director Jan Urbanowski
Production assistant Jordan Stokes
Production designer Darren O Connor

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