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Lady Gaga's album: The Fame Monster has 8 songs in total. In several interviews Gaga stated that each of the songs in the album is inspired by a monster in her life. Here is a list of the Monsters of each song.

  • "Bad Romance" represents the Love Monster, and the pleasures of exploring a bad romance.
  • "Alejandro" represents the Men Monster and Homosexuality (music video only).
  • "Monster" represents the Sex Monster, as she stated in an interview with Fuse, during her appearance on "Lost Tapes".
  • "Speechless" represents the Death Monster.
  • "Dance in the Dark" expresses the Self Monster.
  • "Telephone" represents the Suffocation Monster and also expresses the feeling of pressure.
  • "So Happy I Could Die" represents the Addiction Monster, and its also speculated to express vanity because of the lyric "I touch myself/i love that lavender blonde"(her wig).
  • "Teeth" represents the Truth Monster, and also depicts oral sex.

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