This is the credits for The Monster Ball Tour in 2009 to 2011.


First version (2009-2010)Edit

  • Musical Director – Jeff Bhasker
  • Set Design – Es Devlin
  • Set built – Tait Towers
  • The Orbit by Nasir Mazhar and Haus of GaGa
  • Costume Design – Haus of GaGa with Franc Fernandez, Gary Card, Maison Martin Margiela, Miguel Villalobos, Oscar O Lima, Zaldy Goco


  • Guitar – Adam Smirnoff
  • Drums – Charles Haynes
  • Keyboards – Pete Kuzma
  • Keytar – Lady Gaga ("Just Dance")
  • Keyboards/Bass – Mitch Cohn (after the concert in Boston in December, 2009)

Second version (2010-2011)Edit

  • Musical Director – Joe "Flip" Wilson
  • Set Design – Lady Gaga and Haus of Gaga, Roy Bennett (Unconfirmed)
  • Set built – Tait Towers
  • Set Sculptures – Nick Knight and Kevin Stenning (Rapido3D)
  • Costume Design – Haus of GaGa with Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, Philip Treacy, Charlie le Mindu, Jaiden rVa James, Rachel Barrett, Gary Card, Keko Hainswheeler, Atsuko Kudo, Alex Noble, Zaldy Goco, Alun Davies, Marko Mitanovski, Alexander McQueen, NOKI


  • Keyboards – Brockett Parsons
  • Electric Violin – Judy Mickey Kang
  • Drums – George "Spanky" McCurdy
  • Bass – Lanar “Kern” Brantley
  • Guitars – Ricky Tillo, Kareem Devlin
  • Harp – Rashida Jolley
  • Emma – Lady Gaga (in "The Fame")
  • Keytar – Lady Gaga (in "Money Honey")
  • Backing Vocals –Posh! The Prince (Tambourine also), Charity Davis (until July 2010), Ameera Perkins (until July 2010), Lenesha Randolph (Until May 17, 2010), Taneka Samone Duggan (since May 2010), Chevonne Ianuzzi (since August 2010), Jasmine Morrow (since August 2010)

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